Abigail Moore

BA, Biology, Haverford College

Abby graduated from Haverford College in 2017 with a degree in biology and environmental studies. She fell in love with marine ecology at Haverford and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution while exploring the functional characteristics of coral and whale microbiomes, and she most recently worked as a research assistant in a deep sea ecology lab at Temple University in Philadelphia. Here she was fortunate enough to study ecosystems sustained by cold seeps along the Cascadia Margin, coral and canyon habitats in the off-shore mid-Atlantic, and—most formatively—seamounts within the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA). In PIPA, she was captivated by its multi-dimensional and holistic approach to conservation that addressed the intrinsic value of the ecosystem while protecting the rights and livelihoods of people most affected by its use. She is hoping to continue to study the ocean with a more integrative scope by preserving its ecosystems and the economic, social, and human systems to which they are inherently tied.