Infection After Prostate Biopsy - What You Should Know

infection after prostate biopsy

A number of men are highly concerned that they may have an infection after prostate biopsy. Many men feel it is very important to get these examinations done so that they can know what kind of infection is present in their bodies. They worry that if the biopsy were to be negative, then there would be a higher chance of contracting the infection.

While infection is still present in the body, this does not mean that the infection can never be eradicated. In fact, in many cases it can be easily treated.

One of the biggest causes of infection is inflammation of the prostate. This is due to a build up of plaque within the gland. When plaque does not get removed, bacteria and other germs will also grow. A cancerous growth is most likely to be present when inflammation becomes so severe.

There are several kinds of infections that can occur after prostate biopsy. The most common is the urinary tract infection. This is caused by bacteria and other germs that are present in the urethra.

There are many symptoms that are present in the case of this infection. A person who has a urinary tract infection often experiences pain in the bladder. In addition, the patient may experience a burning sensation. In some cases, the patient may experience a foul smelling urine.

Other symptoms of this infection include swelling and pain, itching and fever. When infection is the main cause of the pain, antibiotics may be given to the patient.

However, it is more common to find bacteria, fungi and other germs living in the area. Since bacteria thrive in moist and warm places, they are easily taken by the body. They are then carried along to the prostate where they multiply rapidly and lead to infection.

The body can easily restore good bacteria to its normal levels. If the patient takes antibiotics for a while, this can eventually help the immune system. Once this occurs, the patient's immune system will fight off any infection that the patient may have.

The benefits of taking antibiotics are that it helps maintain good bacteria in the body and it also provides protection from infections that may occur. Taking these medications does not affect the effectiveness of the patient's immune system.

Many men do not experience symptoms such as burning sensation or feeling of fullness until their urinary tract infection reaches a point of no return. This point is referred to as the watershed in which the infection cannot be cured or reversed.

Once this point is reached, the infection will start causing serious damage to the cells in the urethra. In some cases, this is a permanent situation. Therefore, if this happens, it is imperative that the patient take steps to prevent the progression of the infection and stay away from bacteria.

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